Started my full ironman distance training plan today. First session was a bike, the details for the session are below. Session was good and walked out happy I completed it fully. Now to rest for the run that is on the plan for tomorrow.

If you want to read more about my Ironman training plan, I wrote about it here.

Here are the details from tonight’s session:

Tonights Description From My Ironman Training Plan:

A straightforward test to gauge your fitness and ability to ride at race pace.

Choose an undulating route thats clear, safe and has minimal to zeros stops for the main test of 60 mins. (note – I chose Watt Bike in gym)

Warm up: RPE 2/3
Ride easy for 15 Mins;

Main set:
60 Mins ride at race pace

Quick notes. 
•Pace yourself don’t go too hard; you should be able to hold this pace throughout.
•Use the RPE scale of 1 – 10. 10 being the toughest and aim to hold a RPE of 5-7 throughout. RPE scale attached
•Cool down for 15 minutes at a steady pace

Cool Down: 15mins RPE 2/3
Easy Ride.

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