Hi, I’m Rob, sometimes called “The Flying Cheeseburger” (I’ll explain that later). Although it’s not my life’s ambition to take part in a Ironman, it’s certainly something I’ve got my sights firmly set on. And although this blog is called “couchman2ironman” I’m not always on the couch!
Being a dad to two energetic boys, having a full time job and owning a small business means I have to get smart with my training. That’s why I created this blog – to help others in my situation, get advice from others in my situation, to look back and see progress and to share the experience with anyone willing to listen.
What I wrote back in November 2013 (now outdated, but I thought it might be interesting to see where I was when this blog was started).
You see, to the person walking past me on the street, they would see a mid thirties 6ft guy who is carrying a bit too much weight. At 19 stone, probably about 5 stone too much weight. And this bothers me. Sure, most of the people who know me have seen me keep fairly active over the years. I’ve done various charity bike rides including the London to Brighton bike ride, done lots of gym work to help me with motocross racing, did a trek to Everest Base Camp, and more recently did a sprint triathlon to kick off the training to Ironman glory. But I want to get fit. Really fit. Fit enough to do a Ironman.
My wife ex-wife always says said I’m an extremist. Not content with loosing weight and getting fitter, I’ve got to attempt to shed a quarter of my body weight and compete in race that will last nearly a whole day.
I may be a extremist, but I’m also realistic about how to achieve this goal, at least I think I am.