It has been a hot couple of days, and I have been out in the sun all day for the last 2 days leading up to today and was expecting a tough day in the saddle, which it was. The day was even hotter today, which although makes a nice change from the cold conditions we have had over the last few months, I cant help admit I wish it was not quite as hot as today’s planned ride was the longest to date for a long while.

An early morning drive up to Nottingham to do the cycle route that will be in my next race, the Outlaw Half distance triathlon, which is just over 1 month away.

I got the job done but was feeling the heat and lack of energy towards the end, though it was to be expected given the hot conditions and lack of prep over the last day or 2. All in all happy with the ride and my pace, looking forward to getting back there one more time before race day (and try to throw in a brick run around the water after).

Relive ‘Morning Ride’