Its always frustrated me whilst swimming not being able to see properly whilst in the pool. In out of the water situations, I am always wearing my glasses or contacts. Ive always just put up with it whilst swimming, be it in a training session or doing some recreational swimming with my 2 sons. During a recent visit to the pool I decided enough was enough and vowed to get some prescription swimming goggles to not only make training slightly more comfortable, but also to allow me to see my charges clearly among the sea of other children in the pool. I found these guys – Prescription Swimming Goggles – and started to look around their website. Unfortunately I could not immediately find a set to suit my vision (I could not see a way to enter your prescription and be presented with a list of suitable goggles) so I decided to message them, providing my prescription and asking them what suitable ones they had. Thankfully they responded very quickly, and provided a direct link to the ones I needed. As I write this post I notice I could have entered into the search on the site my required strength, and it would have returned some results. Never mind, they seemed very happy to help and the goggles turned up a couple of days later, exactly as expected. The next swimming trip after they arrived was another family swim with my 2 sons, and what a difference it made. I could clearly see now whilst in the pool, above and below the water. Very happy with my purchase and they didn’t break the bank. I am happy to recommend these guys, their contact details are as follows: Website: Email: Telephone: 0330 660 0796 Facebook: Twitter: Google+: YouTube: Pinterest:

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