Headed to the gym for the second time today, as tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment to try and sort my back out so thought I would get tomorrows training in today.

First session tonight was on the watt bike (details below) followed by a brick run. To top it off, post workout selfie.

Warm Up
– 10 Mins Easy RPE 2/3
– 5 x 1 Mins Build to MAX RPE 2/3 to 9/10
Rest between effort 30s easy
(Build over the 1min effort to finish @ 9/10)
– 2.5 mins Easy

Set 1 (15mins):
5 Mins OGE
2.5 Mins EASY recovery
5 Mins OGE
2.5 Mins Easy Recovery

(OGE RPE 6/7 RPM 60)
(Recovery in Z1 RPE 1/2)

Set 2 (24mins):
WORK: 4 Mins Higher Cadence Efforts RPM 85- 90 RPM.
RECOVERY: 4 Mins Recovery Z1

(Higher Gear Cadence Efforts RPE 6/7)
(Recovery in Z1 RPE 1/2)

Cool Down (10mins):
Rest of Session Easy Recovery Cool Down RPE 1/2

Easy run off bike RPE2/3