I really didn’t want to be bothered with today’s training. I had been out all day and had taken my sons motocrossing, and it was a tough day with the wet and mud with a bad back thrown in for good measure.

By the time I had finished washing the bikes and putting all the kit away, I was wet, cold, tired, hobbling and running late for the gym and was racing against it closing before I could get anywhere near my run length.

For once I had been organised, and had all my gym kit with me – except I didn’t bring spare socks lol, so I had to go via home again before heading to gym as they were soaked from being in the mud all day. One of those days where everything seems to be going against making the cut training wise.

Hour easy run was the aim, 45 minutes completed. Felt good, can tell I am getting fitter and more importantly so glad I went in the end.