Some people call the treadmill the “Dreadmill” and its easy to understand why. Today was my first session back from the new year, and it always makes me a little anxious. So yeah, I was dreading the treadmill session I had planned to kick off this years training.

Not only had I left it about 12 days longer than I had planned to get started, I have been suffering with a bit of back pain the last couple of weeks and even struggled to get out of a chair from time to time. Yeah, the Dreadmill was calling!

What I tend to do when similar situations arise is plan to do just 1 hour, and to make it a run / walk session. 5 minutes run, 3 minutes walk takes the edge off it a little, and I definitely needed that today. For the first 20 – 30 minutes the back was hurting, not massively enough to stop, but enough to make me wonder why I was doing anything. I knew if I kept going it would sort it self out, and that it did. The last 30 minutes of the run went well, and I even managed to increase my pace a little towards the end.

Goal accomplished, 1hr run done.